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Mat Performance & Safety

There's nothing more important...

We know there's nothing more important than the safety of your gymnasts. Inspecting the mats in your gym on a regular basis can help maintain a safe environment for gymnasts at all levels of expertise. Tears, soft spots, separation of foam and fatigue may mean it's time to replace your mats.

Time to replace your mats? We can help.

SA Sport pioneered the use of cross-linked polyethylene in mats more than 25 years ago, and remains the world leader in mat development today. As the major component in any gym mat, the ability of the foam to absorb impact and resist long-term fatigue failure is essential. Our cross-linked polyethylene retains 100% compression after 150,000 impacts and withstands up to 250,000 repeated impacts at 60% compression.

SA Sport mats are world renowned for their comfortable feel and properly graduated shock absorption on impact. The very best combinations of polyurethane and polyethylene foams, densities carefully matched to end use and top quality vinyl are the reasons why.

We're committed to your safety.

We're committed to the integrity of our mat products and the safety of our customers. We will not compromise either by using inferior grade raw materials. When it's time to replace your mats, our sales and customer service representatives are here to help you make informed decisions and ensure you have adequate matting in your gym.