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Welcome to the NEW Spieth!


Welcome to the new Spieth! Exciting things are happening at Spieth, starting with our new name Spieth America. Why Spieth America? As many of you know, in 2012 our company was purchased by the ABEO Group, a French company made up of more than 30 companies including Gymnova, a world leader in Gymnastics equipment. In 2014, the ABEO Group merged with the Janssen-Fritsen Group, another world leader in gymnastics equipment with the Janssen-Fritsen and SPIETH Germany brands. As part of that group, Spieth Anderson reconnected with its heritage. Murray Anderson and Rudolf Spieth developed one of the iconic brands of gymnastics equipment in North America when they began manufacturing SPIETH equipment in Ontario, Canada more than 45 years ago.

Known for its quality and unparalleled devotion to gymnastics, the entire ABEO Group is passionate about its renewed commitment to our brand. Throughout this catalog, our valued customers will find numerous new products from Spieth America, along with a complete line of FIG Approved international apparatus from SPIETH Germany. SPIETH has a long history of brand recognition in international competitions and we are proud to bring that stellar reputation closer to home.

We are also very proud to introduce our association with Simone Biles, including a signature line of products. These outstanding products can be purchased online at!

Our customers can count on Spieth America’s ability to deliver a variety of quality equipment from a brand you can trust for every budget. Our apparatus product line is easily distinguished by three categories:
  • INTERNATIONAL - When only top quality FIG equipment will do.
  • COMPETITION - When you need good quality, easy to use equipment for competitions without the International FIG price tag.
  • RECREATIONAL - When you need good, long lasting equipment for your club or rec program at a price to make you smile.
There are many new products for your entire facility in this catalog, including in-ground pits, trampolines, rod floor, tumble tramp, and inflatables. Need safety wall padding? We have that too. Spieth America IS the ONLY shop you need for your gymnastics facility.

Spieth America is especially proud to introduce the best uneven bars you will ever use: Competition All-American Uneven Bars. Our innovative design team started with a familiar width adjustment and the markings preferred by the US market and then improved the height adjustment for a product unlike any other bars on the market. Quick and easy to set up and adjust, the Competition All-American Uneven Bars feature Spieth America’s exclusive Easy Adjust high bar height adjustment system. This means no more climbing up on a chair or a block to adjust the height and no more pinch points! Acclaimed as the most innovative uneven bars on the market for ease of use, you will find we have retained some of the familiar width adjustments to which the U.S. market is accustomed.

The Spieth America team has worked tirelessly to improve our speed of delivery and responsive customer service. We have more products in stock for quick shipment and a new, easy tracking system for shipments. We are proud of more than 45 years manufacturing in North America and will continue to work hard to earn and keep your business. The NEW Spieth America: a North American company supplying world-class equipment and exceptional customer service for the betterment of the gymnastics community.

Go ahead and take a look!
Thank you for your support,
Bill Wild